Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Prayer to Death, from Rigveda 10.18-

Please take another road and move far away O Death
To your own path separate from that of the Gods
I see and hear you all around and pray
Please do not kill our children, our brave ones.

All of you here that have arrived and removed Death's footprints
Increasing thus the span of your lives
May you be flooded with children and riches
And be worthy of this our pure and holy fire sacrifice.

The living today are freed of the dead ones
Today our calling out to the Gods brings us real grace
We have pushed our way to the front dancing and singing
And prolonging the span of our lives.

I now create a circle of the living ones
So that none of them should be faced with an end of the line
May they all live to be a hundred years old
And crush death to nothingness with raised stones.

As the days follow, one after another
As the seasons follow each other in a similar pattern
As each elder must be followed by a younger one
In the same sequence, O Lord create their long lives .

(Translated from the original, Next, 5 remaining verses from the same poem)   


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